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As specialists in IBS care we focus on you. We will be your partner in care, taking the time to understand your health concerns. This means identifying the reasons for your health issues. The causes behind the symptoms. We will also help you put in place a comprehensive programme that modifies your diet and lifestyle.  Our role extends to supporting you through the process, reviewing and adapting the programme if needed.

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Address Causes

We are a team of qualified Nutritional Therapists and specialists in IBS care, based in the UK. Our focus is on identifying the root causes of your health issue so we can resolve it. We follow the principles of Functional Medicine to do this. So we can provide a personalised plan to restore your digestive health.

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Diet & lifestyle

We also help put in place a comprehensive programme to change your diet and lifestyle. Our role is to support you through the programme, reviewing and adapting it as needed. Our patients can expect to achieve significant reductions in their symptoms by their 3rd visit. This is usually 3-4 months from the outset of investigations and commencement of a treatment regime.​

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Alleviate Symptoms

Do you have symptoms and suspect your digestive health is less than ideal? Are you wondering whether you have a digestive disorder? Take a look at our symptoms guide. Are the feelings we describe familiar? We are specialists in IBS care, and in alleviating the causes and symptoms of IBS and other gut conditions.

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Long Term Commitment

Our goals are to ease symptoms and address causes of gut conditions. As functional medicine practitioners we focus on making sure improvements are long term. This means staying in touch to review the changes that were made and their continued impact. This does not mean full consultations or elaborate reviews. But a general catch-up, and an occasional test, to keep your health and wellbeing on track.

Would you prefer to talk to someone? We can talk through your issues and discuss your symptoms. Please book a free initial 15-minute telephone, Skype or Zoom call, by following this link.

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Secure online or in-clinic consultations

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Our clinics are held at Wimpole Therapeutics near Harley Street. Find out more about clinic times and how to find Wimpole Therapeutics

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Our clinics are held at Biolabs in Weymouth Street, off Harley Street in London, Find out more about clinic times and how to find Biolabs

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Our clinics are held at The Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead. Find out more about timings and how to find The Bridge Clinic.

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Have you a specific test in mind?

You may prefer to take some initial tests and have the results reviewed as part of an initial consultation.

Please take a look at our specific advice on tests.

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Take a quick look at some amazing facts about gut microbiota

If you are interested to read more about gut health, check out our latest blog on the subject

Addressing your issue with our phased approach

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Step 3 - Review tests

Meet to discuss test results (full colour copies of results provided), and your feedback from step 2.

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Step 4 - Detailed programme

A tailored health programme will be devised and sent to you. This includes a brief synopsis of your test results, recommendations for diet (with handouts and meal recommendations), lifestyle modifications (sleep hygiene, exercise, self-care, meditation etc) and recommendations for supplements to support and promote healing.

Talk to us about our process

What our customers say

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“In all my visits to doctors and specialists while living in London, you were the only healthcare professional that took my situation seriously. Your diligent attention, along with the nutritional and supplement guidance, helped strengthen my system such that when I finally got a diagnosis (cancer, unfortunately), my body was primed to fight and I was able to recover from treatment remarkably well.”

Deborah, I was told my strong recovery was a direct result of my vitality and general health...
Financial Adviser
“Hi Tracey, I thought I would give you an update on how things are going. I have been on the SCD diet and following it very strictly for 12 days and I am really happy to say that my symptoms have gone! I can’t believe it. I am feeling so much better already. I have more energy and I actually have had in ages. You are the only person in the past 10 years to be able to help me, I am so pleased that I found you.”

EM, Patient who suffered with IBS for 10 years, SIBO confirmed via breath test
Interior Designer
“Since my health deteriorated in 2014 Paula, yourself and Tracey are the key Practioners where your guidance has actually resulted in recovery of underlying issues and symptoms I was struggling with for 3+ years , where others only looked to suppress symptoms instead of resolve root cause, were doubtful of full recovery and provided allopathic medication which only provided short term relief and in most cases made my condition worse.You both take considerable amount of time to review test results/ understand underlying issues to provide the best guidance and are very empathetic, again which I have rarely seen within my 8+ years of healthcare experience. So a great big thank you for your consistent help and guidance towards my recovery.”

Nameeta D

About the IBS Clinics team. Specialists in IBS care.

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Tracey Randell formed IBS Clinics to be specialists in IBS care. Tracey studied clinical nutrition at BCNH College of Nutrition and Health. Dealing with her own IBS and weight issues was the catalyst to initially study nutrition for Tracey. Both issues resolved during her studies, and she discovered a passion for nutrition and a strong desire to help other people to get well, resulting in her later qualifying as a Nutritionist.  (Tracey is now a lecturer at BCNH).

Today IBS Clinics are a team of leading digestive health specialists. We offer the highest standards of professional, evidence-based treatments and programmes. Our clear focus on you and your needs is always delivered with empathic support.

Reviews From Doctify

Patient seen for: Microscopic Colitis
Read More
I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis and the NHS recommended treatment was long term steroids. I was keen to avoid the sterioids and worked with a local kinesiologist to try an alternative approach, but she recognised that my case was quite complex and so referred me to Tracey. Tracey carried out a series of tests which identified that a parasite was at the root of all my symptoms. She was very understanding and explained everything very clearly. Tracey was also open to working alongside my kinesiologist and with some changes to my diet and a variety of natural supplements my gut is now back to normal. I cannot thank Tracey enough for giving me my health back, with the added bonus that I don't have to plan life around where the nearest toilet will be.
Patient seen for: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Tracey is amazingly supportive and always asks the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. I find the scientific tests that she suggest really help to shed light on any issues. Tracey is so good at analysing the results and explaining the pertinent points, and the action neccessary as a result.
Patient seen for: Nutrition, Allergies, Food Intolerance, Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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Thank you so much to Tracy for listening and helping to make sense of a very complicated situation. For all your knowledge, understanding and expertise and insight into something I have been struggling with for so long. Your explanations were extremely clear with thorough knowledge of the pre-appointment information I had sent you. The diet advice was extremely helpful and your suggestions of tests to pursue all made absolute sense. I am so grateful to you for sorting out the missing pieces in the health jigsaw I have been trying to solve. Thank you
Read More
Tracey is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She identified very quickly a number of areas for treatment and I have seen measurable benefits in a relatively short time frame. I look forward to continuing to work with her and improve my health.
Patient seen for: Acid Reflux
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I came to Tracey complaining of acid reflux - over a period of months she correctly diagnosed and prescribed me supplements & advised me of dietary changes to make that effectively treated my SIBO & restored my gut to full health. I’ve never felt better. Tracey is extremely knowledgable and professional and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

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