IBS Clinics Fees

Our fees and packages are for consultations only. Additional costs may be incurred if supplements or laboratory testing are recommended. These are optional and discussed during the consultation.  Please note that payments can be made by BACS transfer, cash, credit or debit card.

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Consultant1-hour consultation
at Wimpole Street
or Weymouth Street clinics
1-hour consultation
at Maidenhead clinic
1-hour telephone
or Skype consultation
Extended 90-minute first appointment (recommended for complex cases or at your request)
Tracey Randell Dip BCNH, CNHC. IFMCP£245£245£245£367.50
Paula Jones Dip BCNH MBANT CNHC£195£195£195£292.50
Melissa Marston BSc (Hons) Dip BCNH MBANT CNHC£195£195£195£292.50
Julie Willford BSc (Hons) Dip BCNH MBANT CNHC£195£195£195£292.50

What our fees include

The fees shown per appointment reflect the time in your consultation (60, 90 or 120 minutes) include preparation for your appointment (reviewing your questionnaires, previous test results, and research) and time taken in putting together diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.  The fee charged typically represents 4 hours of a practitioners time.

20/30 minute “Check-ins”

Once a programme is underway it is very possible that you may have some questions, perhaps there are some food items you aren’t sure are allowed on your programme, you would like some new breakfast ideas, you are a bit constipated and want to know what to do about it or you have a new symptom which you want to discuss.  In such circumstances, we recommend booking a 20 or 30 minute “check-in”.  This can be by phone or skype and is charged pro-rata (I.e. at a third or half an hourly fee).

Email contact

Our practitioners spend most of their time either with patients or preparing and following up from patient appointments meaning that time available for email correspondence is limited.  It is for this reason that we suggest that only quick (one line questions) be sent via email.  In such cases we will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible, typically within 2-3 working days and there would be no charge.   If you have multiple questions or if the practitioner needs input from yourself to respond it may be suggested that you book a “check-in”.

Supplements and other products

We partner with specialist distributers who provide a wide range of supplements for our support programmes including Simply Nature which can be found in the web shop on this site.  Full details of recommended supplements and how to purchase these will be detailed on your supplement programme.

Diagnostic tests

We use specific diagnostic tests to determine key imbalances in your body. We partner with external laboratories for these tests (additional charges are therefore applicable) but by doing this we can ensure that your treatment programme is tailor-made to meet your health needs.



Medical Insurance

The following medical insurers (eg. Pru Health or Cigna) cover Nutritional Therapy and recognise IBS Clinics. This means they may contribute towards our fees, up to their capped maximum.

However, it is unlikely that insurers will cover the full fees, nor do they usually pay for tests and investigations, remedies or supplements. Also, insurers usually require a referral letter to IBS Clinics from a specialist or a GP.

Unfortunately, BUPA does not fund Nutritional Therapy.

If you wish to use insurance to cover our fees, you should check with your insurers before booking your consultation with us, as they will need to authorise your treatment.

Please note that you will need to pay all fees and any other costs, and then reclaim these from your insurance company.

To find out more and learn how we can help you, please contact us