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We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our patients. We try to make consultations very positive experiences for all our patients and our team members. We will take time to clearly explain our thoughts and rationale in simple no-nonsense terms and are well-known for our strange analalogies! We also use a lot of pictures in order to explain complex conditions in no-nonsense simple terms.

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Below are some testimonials and other feedback kindly provided by some of our patients, responding to our consultations or e-mail advice.

Hey Tracey, Hope you are well. Just wondering if I can book in to come and see you as in one month time I will be off the programme that you have prescribed for me. I have noticed such fantastic results and I am feeling so much better, with much more energy and also my skin has really improved. I am still getting a few pimples here and there however as each week progresses I am noticing that my face is getting clearer and clearer. Yeah it is working!!!!!

CB, Patient with Fatigue and Acne

Hi Tracey, I thought I would give you an update on how things are going. I have been on the SCD diet and following it very strictly for 12 days and I am really happy to say that my symptoms have gone! I can’t believe it. I am feeling so much better already. I have more energy and I actually have had in ages. You are the only person in the past 10 years to be able to help me, I am so pleased that I found you.

EM, Patient who suffered with IBS for 10 years, SIBO confirmed via breath test

I’m delighted to report that you have delivered on your promise that I will be able to enjoy a wider range of foods. I’m feeling substantially better than when we first met, a welcome reduction in the pain.

S T, Patient with Parasites, candida and multiple food sensitivities

I started seeing Tracey as I had been suffering from a number of strange gut symptoms such as bloating, constipation and odd gurglings. I suspected that I might have a wheat intolerance too as some of my symptoms seemed to be caused by the foods I ate. I started to see Tracey and she discovered a whole load of other food intolerances but also discovered that I was harbouring a gut parasite and two different species of Candida. After a summer of diet change and some tablet taking I am now free of both and can even enjoy the odd slice of cake now and then without ill effect. Thank you Tracey!

YD, Patient with IBS with parasites and candida

I can honestly say that it was such a pleasure to meet Tracey and find someone that is genuinely interested in my health and finding the cause of my symptoms. I had been suffering with bowel issues for over 15 years and Tracey has managed to pinpoint that I actually had an infection by the name of SIBO. Tracey was very informative about SIBO and with a combination of taking special supplements and a radical change in diet, my symptoms have improved by 90% so far. There is still a way to go, but I am confident that with Tracey’s advice I will reach my goal. She has been brilliant and most of all, has given me my life back!

RD, Patient with SIBO

“For the last 9 years I have battled with m.e/CFS along with a number of other symptoms, which included ibs and food intolerances. As the years went by the m.e/CFS improved significantly. However, I was left with a bloated stomach, persistent water retention, and painful headaches. It felt like I was intolerant to everything I ate which was so frustrating. Over the years I met a number of practitioners who were baffled by this mystery illness.

Last year, I made my first appointment to meet Ms Tracey Randell and explained the problems I was having. Tracey made a number of changes to my diet along with a recommended supplement programme.

Tracey left no stone untouched until she got to the root cause of the problem. After, a number of tests and changes to my diet, I had a massive breakthrough and it was resolved that after all these years I had a histamine/ salicylate intolerance. My symptoms improved dramatically, the water retention was disappearing, I was no long short of breath and my reactions had stopped!  Little did I know that in the background the rest of my body was finally healing.

Prior to meeting Tracey, my recovery from exercise was poor and would leave my muscles exhausted for 2 days. Following, the recommended diet change, my body has now healed which means I am now able to do cardio in the gym without getting tired which is amazing !! Something I thought I would never be able to do again.

I now eat freely and eat a healthy balanced diet. I am very fortunate that I don’t have any more nasty reactions to food and feel incredibly well most days!

I can’t thank Tracey enough for all of her hard work over the past few months. Tracey really is an amazing Nutritional Therapist who takes great care and pride into working with her patients to obtain the end result.

I will be forever greatful for all your hard work and support over the years. It really does feel like you have given my life back to me!”

Carly x

Carly, Suffering from IBS and food intolerances

“I have a long history of digestive problems. I first met Tracey following an extended bout of chronic diarrohea – such episodes have dogged my life – and I had decided it was time to have further investigation. A colonoscopy revealed IBS (whatever that means), but in my case a basically healthy but dysfunctional gut, and symptoms which were preventing me leading a normal life. This, by the way, is where conventional medicine ends and a different, vague, uncharted domain begins. The gastroenterologist told me there was nothing more he could do for me and moved me and my inconvenient condition off his desk and fortunately for me, onto Tracey’s.

Tracey has worked closely with me over the years to (no pun intended) get to the bottom of my problems. Together we embarked on a journey of tests, supplement plans and diet regimes which have allowed me long periods of stability where I’ve been able to reclaim my normal life.  Tracey is hugely knowledgeable in her field, forensic in her approach to problem solving but almost more importantly, unfailingly compassionate and steadfast in her support to me as a whole person (rather than just several feet of “interesting” tubing). She never gave up on my uncooperative gut, but used my case as a spur to investigate more widely, do more research. As a result we hit on my very own Kryptonite – histamine intolerance.

The impact of this insight has been very powerful; for the first time I know what I’m dealing with so that when things get destabilised as they did a couple of months ago by a virus, I know I can go back to Tracey and get real, effective help. This most recent time Tracey saw my desperation and made me feel that we were in it together. As result my ‘updates from the smallest room’ as I call them, have been transformed. Once again she has allowed my to reclaim my life. As I told her not long ago, she is quite simply my lifeline.”

Clare, Suffering from long history of digestive problems

“In all my visits to doctors and specialists while living in London, you were the only healthcare professional that took my situation seriously. Your diligent attention, along with the nutritional and supplement guidance, helped strengthen my system such that when I finally got a diagnosis (cancer, unfortunately), my body was primed to fight and I was able to recover from treatment remarkably well.”

Deborah, I was told my strong recovery was a direct result of my vitality and general health...

Thank you so much! Coming  to see you, loosing nearly 5 stone! And maintaining a gluten free and loctose free diet made it possible. Any pains I have now I manage by drinking loads of bone broth it really helps. Thanks for helping us extend our little family I am so grateful for your support Tracey!”

SR, Patient with IBS and fertility issue

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