Food Advice

The quality of your diet impacts everything you do, from how well you can digest and tolerate foods to your energy levels, your mental and hormonal health and your zest and enjoyment of life. Food advice provided by IBS Clinics aims to optimise all of these elements

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People with IBS and other gut ailments often find dietary modifications helpful in alleviating symptoms. At IBS Clinics, we begin dietary changes gradually with small, sustainable changes that are easy to implement and maintain. These measures can include

  • Avoiding refined carbohydrates, trans and hydrogenated fats (fried foods)

  • Minimising saturated fats and processed meats

  • Reducing alcohol intake

We often also recommend avoiding wheat and dairy, because intolerances to both are common, and not always evident to the people that have them.

Once our patients are accustomed to these simple alterations, we may recommend one of the following diets.

A small change to your diet can make a huge difference to your life

Identifying imbalances and making changes to diet and lifestyle can often be all that’s needed to return the body back to its natural equilibrium.

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