Diagnostic Tests for Candida Albicans

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We recommend that a definite diagnosis of Candida is made before you commence an anti-Candida regime. We can establish a diagnosis through using one of two tests that you can do at home.

You submit your tests to the lab for analysis, they send the results to you and to IBS Clinics, we then organise a consultation to discuss how to help you.

Saliva Test

This is a quick, cheap and simple, non-invasive test which tests Saliva for Candida antibodies. The lab usually provides results in 5-7 working days at most.

This test only checks for Candida. It cannot test for any other parasites.

Comprehensive Stool Test with Parasitology

This tests the stool for Candida and other parasites, and gives an indication of the growth of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria. It requires a single stool sample and takes around 2.5 weeks to be returned.

This test is especially useful as it helps us understand your internal gut environment. It identifies the species of the pathogen as well as which anti-fungal protocols are likely to be most effective in eradicating it.

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