We are clinical specialists in IBS care and aim to be your partner in addressing your gut related health problems. We focus on you, taking the time to understand your health concerns and anything that appears to affect your symptoms. Then – explaining everything as we go – we work with you to develop, implement and review a comprehensive treatment plan.

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Founded by Tracey Randell in March 2011, IBS Clinics run in Wimpole Street and Weymouth Street in London, and in Maidenhead in Berkshire (we also offer consultations via Skype and by phone).

Regardless of whether you think you have IBS or not, IBS Clinics can help you to address your health concerns.

As clinical specialists we treat hundreds of patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) every year, working with them to pinpoint the underlying causes of their IBS and ease their symptoms.

Typically, our patients can expect to achieve significant reduction in symptoms by their third consultation. This usually takes place 3-4 months from the outset of investigations.

So please get in touch. We would love to help you.

About Tracey Randell

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Institute for Functional Medicine, Certified Practitioner. Dip BCNH, IFMCP, MBANT, CNHC

Tracey Randell

I am a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist specialising in IBS and other gut-related issues using Functional Medicine (I am an IFM Certified Practitioner)

This means I look for the root cause of the disease in the whole body and provide each patient with a bespoke plan designed to redress their issues and help them return to health. So, for example, rather than treating fibromyalgia, IBS and acne rosacea individually, giving drugs for each condition, I work from the understanding that they are all associated with gut dysbiosis and would address this, resolving the imbalance by treating the whole system as opposed to separate parts.

My passion  is gut health – as someone once said “death begins in the colon”. If you cannot eat, digest, absorb, detoxify and eliminate properly then you can never achieve good health. This is why I work with most patients’ guts first and then, once function is optimal, I address any residual issues. Often other symptoms disappear, as the body is able to correct other issues when it is receiving the right nutrients and can detoxify itself effectively.

Why I established IBS Clinics

In keeping with many other nutritionists and complementary practitioners, I became interested in nutrition in order to address my own health issues. I struggled with my weight for 18 years from my mid teens, suffering with what I now realise was IBS. Both these issues resolved during the first few months of my UK College of Nutrition and Health (BCNH) course in Clinical Nutrition.

My primary motive in doing the course was to understand how to attain and achieve a healthy weight without always being on a diet, but the BCNH course offered so much more than guidance on weight control! I learned how the human body interacts with the food we eat and was quickly entranced and awed by the way it works.

Food, I discovered, is not only fuel but information. What we eat impacts on how our genes express themselves and this can mean a choice between a healthy and vital long life or a shorter life span punctuated with periods of illness. During my training, my mum was diagnosed with a very aggressive case of Ulcerative Colitis and I saw first hand just how debilitating inflammatory bowel disease can be. What my mum and I experienced helped me shape my plan for IBS Clinics: hence at the clinic we focus on helping the sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel disease (IBD) as well as the other gut and digestive disorders.

IBS Clinics Practitioners

All IBS Clinics practitioners are Registered Nutritional Therapist who have qualified from an NTC registered Clinical Nutrition degree or Diploma course.

These courses require a minimum of three years study involving continuous assessments and in-depth training in, and experience of patient consultations.

Qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist must also undertake a minimum of 40 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training each year. IBS Clinics practitioners conform to and often surpass this standard.

Our specialist approach to IBS has proved very successful in improving the quality of life for many of our patients.

IBS Clinics People

Paula Jones – Registered Nutritional Therapist Dip BCNH MBANT CNHC

Paula Jones
Paula’s working career began as a professional dancer, dance teacher and later a Pilates instructor. In her early twenties, she experienced a sudden unexpected decline in health, experiencing persistent chronic symptoms including systemic muscular pain, digestive issues and debilitating arthritis of no obvious cause. After years of hospital visits and relentless tests she was eventually & surprisingly diagnosed with M.E., aged 27. In seeking to manage her own health, Paula developed an interest in nutrition and grew curious of its ability to influence health and wellbeing. Her interest developed further through pregnancy & following her father’s diagnosis of bowel cancer at just 49 years old. His prognosis was poor.

Her motivation to learn and use the knowledge gained through pure interest led to studying at the prestigious UK College of Nutrition and Health (BCNH), where she graduated 8 years later with distinction. Paula has since worked in Nutrition Education at BCNH supporting the learning of BSc. Honours students in clinical practice. She went onto become Clinic Director at Good Health Nutrition (GHN) and more recently resident Nutritional Therapist for Nuffield Health. She has worked extensively in private practice with digestive issues, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and female health concerns.

Paula’s personal experience has given insight into life changing health problems and coping with chronic ill health. She strongly believes that developing an understanding of nutrition and health enables clients to make informed choices & get back in the driving seat of their own health. In December 2017 Paula celebrated her father’s 70th Birthday alongside her son’s 18th!

Melissa Marston – Registered Nutritional Therapist BSc (Hons) Dip BCNH MBANT CNHCMelissa Marston

Melissa grew up in South Africa and moved to the UK in 2001, living and working in the legal profession in London for many years.  Having always had an interest in nutrition, Melissa embarked on a BSc degree in Nutritional Therapy with the UK College of Nutrition and Health and the University of Greenwich, graduating 6 years (and 2 children) later with a first class honours qualification.  Melissa’s interest in gut health began soon after she started practicing as she quickly realised that the root cause of many diseases could be traced back to the gut.  Melissa has helped people with a range of health issues including auto-immune conditions, rosacea, psoriasis, IBS and acid reflux, to name a few.  Melissa approaches each new case with care, compassion and enthusiasm, and never ceases to be amazed by how life-changing the right nutritional intervention can be for her patients.

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